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Orr sidelined

Modewarre co-coach Seamus Orr. (Sports Media Image/Ashlin Vijayan)

SEAMUS Orr will use an extended stint on the sidelines to develop his coaching after undergoing surgery on a dislocated wrist in Modewarre’s come-from-behind Good Friday win over Torquay at McCartney Oval.

Orr, who has joined John Meesen as co-coach of the reigning premier for the 2019 season, won’t be seen again until late in the season as a result of the injury suffered after landing awkwardly following a marking contest early in the third quarter.

Remarkably, Orr played out the match.

“When I initially did it, I thought “this doesn’t feel right”,” he said.

“But there was a fair bit of adrenalin in the game – we were starting to get pretty close on the scoreboard.

“So, I strapped it up and went back out there.

“But, I woke up the next day and thought, “hang on; I could be in a bit of strife here.

“I couldn’t really move it … so I went straight in to get it looked at.”


X-rays revealed a lunate dislocation, which will see the star defender in a cast for at least eight weeks.

“Basically, one of the bones just slipped down and around the outside of my hand,” Orr said.

“It stops you from flexing it and moving it.

“It’s a bit tricky with the wrist with some nerves and some stuff like that, so that’s why they had to fix it surgically.”

While disappointed to be unable to contribute on the field, Orr will dedicate himself to his off-field role.

“A certain element of being a playing coach, when games are on the line, I felt like I’ve been able to put my body on the line or impact the game,” he said.

“This is another challenge.”

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