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I’ll coach again – Lynch

Outgoing Ocean Grove coach Paul Lynch. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Al Packer)

PAUL Lynch has “no doubt” he will coach again.

The former Geelong forward will take a year off to recharge his batteries before tackling his next coaching challenge – possibly as soon as 2020 – after stepping down following two years in charge of Ocean Grove on Tuesday night.

“I’m a footy tragic, like some other blokes in Geelong, and I love my footy,” Lynch, who has also coach Lara, Portarlington, Birregurra and Colac, said.

“I’ll still be hanging around it next year – there’s no question about that – but I just won’t be involved in any time-consuming capacity.

“I’m not ruling out that I’m not going to help somewhere, but I’m just not going to be in a midweek setup.

“I just want to do nothing during the week, and if get involved on Saturday at some of level, whether it be helping out my son’s junior side or something like that, but I just want to have a break for a while from that midweek stuff, which at times can become a bit tedious.”

Lynch says spending more time with his two children, who are tackling their own sporting pursuits, was a key reason behind his decision to step away.

“I’ve probably been a bit worn out for the last 12 months and felt it was time to step away a little bit,” he said.

“My kids are starting to play sport now, and I just thought it was time to put a little bit time into them and help them with their sport and spend a bit of time with them because they don’t stay kids for long.

“And I’ve been coaching for eight years straight. I don’t think there will be many coaches in Geelong that have done the same.

“it’s time I have a year off just to freshen up a little bit.”

After an elimination final appearance in 2017, Ocean Grove finished this year in sixth spot.

However, Lynch has rejected suggestions the Grubbers have underachieved during his tenure.

“We were only game off third this year, so we’re not that far off it, even though we probably haven’t had a great year with injuries and form and everything,” he said.

“But, I’ll never blame injuries.

Lynch says Ocean Grove’s finished is reflective of the evenness of the BFL.

“There are seven really strong sides, and two of them are going to miss out every year,” he said.

“I thought Queenscliff were the unlucky ones last year to miss out, and I probably think we’re the unlucky ones this year.

“Our last two games were really good with a full side. We handled Queenscliff pretty well on the weekend and beat Drysdale pretty comfortably.

“I actually thought if we could get in there we could have done some damage, but it wasn’t to be.

“We dug our own grave, and that’s footy, unfortunately.”

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