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Hawks call for result reversal

DRYSDALE has called on AFL Barwon to change the result of Saturday’s reserve grade clash with Geelong Amateur, claiming it was denied a fair score after the siren.

The match finished in a draw; however, the Hawks believe they should have won the game after a shot at goal was awarded a behind by the goal umpire before being overruled by the field umpire and no score recorded.

Hawk veteran Shaun Reyment had been awarded a free kick just outside 50m as part of the ‘last possession’ rule played in the reserve grade competition.

In a letter to AFL Barwon football operations manager Michael Limb and umpires boss Jock Hillgrove, Drysdale president David Walder has provided what he calls “clear” video and photographic evidence the ball crossed the line and should have been awarded a goal.

“We are asking that the decision is reviewed and corrected and that the Drysdale reserves side are awarded the goal and the four points,” he wrote.

“In a close season, these points are critical, and we trust the correct decision will be made.”

Acting AFL Barwon region general manager Sean Atkinson has confirmed he is aware of Drysdale’s request and has told krockfootball.com.au it will be investigated.

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