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Dees look for improvement

Portarlington remains winless after the opening two rounds of the 2019 season. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

GETTING its hands on the football will be crucial if Portarlington is to be competitive in its historic Good Friday clash with Newcomb according to coach Jesse Smith.

The Demons have been denied the use of the Sherrin for the majority of their two 100-point losses to open the season against Anglesea and Geelong Amateur.

However, Smith saw signs of improvement in the defeat by Ammos in Round 2.

“We’ve been denied of the footy at the contest in both games,” he said.

“Against Ammos, we worked on it and won a little bit more of the ball.

“But we haven’t been able to win the ball, control it, and have the game on our terms for enough of the game.”

A lack of scoring options has also hurt Portarlington, with Smith’s men only able to muster six goals across the opening two matches.

“Firepower up forward is something we’re working on; coming up with a system with the forwards at the moment that works,” he said.

“We’re managing to get the ball forward of centre enough, but we can’t convert on the scoreboard.

“Our forward entries have been poor, which has resulted in the opposition sitting off the contest and intercepting our play, and then rebounding and getting a forward entry from our poor disposal.”

It doesn’t get easier for the Demons, who face the undefeated Newcomb on Friday afternoon.

The Power has claimed nail-biting four-point wins over Ocean Grove and Queenscliff, and will be looking for three straight wins to start a season since winning its last premiership in 2007.

“I knew they’d be good; I reckon they’ll make the finals,” Smith said. “I said that in November and December when they were starting to nail some good recruits.

“They lost two good midfielders last year, but they’ve retained most of their list for the last three years.

“Rory (Nicol) knows what he needs, and the players know what’s expected of them.

“They’re going to be hard to match-up on. They look fit; they look strong, plenty of run from behind, they spread really hard and fast.”

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