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A day at time for Tigers

TORQUAY president Jenny Wood says her club is “focusing on a day at a time” to ensure it has a strong enough financial foundation for local football/netball’s first season post-COVID-19.

And the fourth-year president believes the Tigers are not alone in having to work hard to make ends meet in 2021, with some clubs having to make do without significant revenue since finishing the 2019 season.

“That is a big concern for all clubs, I think,” Wood said.

“In particular, for us, we’ve got some really big functions and events we’d normally run throughout the year. So, our revenue streams are going to be limited this year.

“So, we’re really focusing on a day at a time and getting our foundations right through sponsorship and other revenue streams in advance to make sure we can run a good season.”

Wood admits the reduction in the BFL football salary cap to $80,000 from $110,000 in 2019 has taken some pressure off clubs.

“It will, in such uncertain times,” she said. “And it gives us a much more even playing field across the state as well.

It provides our club and other Bellarine clubs to really put a good season together and a good team.

“I think, financially, a lot of clubs after the last 12 months just have so much uncertainty.

“It just gives them a bit of a reprieve, I suppose.”


Since becoming the first BFL club to bite the bullet and play on Good Friday in 2018, Torquay has fared well financially out of the day with gate takings from crowds approaching 2,500-3,000 providing a solid base for the season.

However, the crowd for this year’s clash with Ocean Grove on April 2 is likely to be capped at 1000 if current protocols remain in place.

“It’s a bit of a shame because it is such a great day,” she said.

“We have a lot of people down in Torquay and the Surf Coast holidaying, visiting, whatever – we get a whole range of people come on Good Friday for that game.

“I hope it (the cap) changes before then, but time will tell.

“Even despite the fact the Rip Curl Pro’s not on, there’ll be a huge crowd of people in Torquay; there always is over Easter.

“Fingers crossed we have more than that at our game.”

Wood says the snap five-day lockdown imposed by the Victorian Government last Friday is a reminder of the reality of the climate we live in.

However, she also believes clubs are prepared for whatever scenarios 2021 throws up.

“We’ll just hold our breath and just wait to see what’s going to happen,” Wood said.

“It’s disappointing because Dom (Gleeson, senior coach) and the senior women, they’re getting some good momentum going with training.

“And it (lockdown) just puts the brakes on things, and people start to get a little nervous.

“It’s probably more positive than this time last year, and we’re better prepared; we’re better equipped to manage the constant change, for sure.”

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