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Don’t be picky on pre-season: Dom

Torquay playing coach Dom Gleeson during last year’s grand final loss to Barwon Heads. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

DOM Gleeson says local clubs “can’t be too picky” when it comes to the length of a “mini” pre-season leading into a possible start of the 2020 season.

The Torquay premiership coach has flagged the prospect of cutting quarters and extending interchange benches to help ease the physical toll on players who aren’t coming off a traditional preparation.

“I think a lot of guys if we were to say “we’ll play tomorrow” would play,” Gleeson said

“I do worry about the injuries that could probably occur just through not training and doing the fundamentals as much as what we should have been doing.

“I think two weeks is probably sufficient enough. But, in saying that, let’s just get it started when we’re able to, and let us deal with that.

“There’ll be certain ideas around the length of the quarters just to prevent injuries; I think that’d be a good idea as well.

“Maybe a couple more on the bench. They’re just a couple of ideas that come to mind that may help us get through the season very early days.”


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