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Anzac Day Spotlight


St Joseph’s (2nd) vs. South Barwon (4th) @ Drew Oval, 1:10pm

Portarlington (10th) vs. Drysdale (5th) @ Ron Evans Oval, 2:10pm

Inverleigh (4th) vs. Bannockburn (3rd) @ Inverleigh Reserve, 2:10pm


It’s never an easy exercise to recommended which match a neutral supporter should plonk themselves at on Anzac Day. All three should be entertaining contests, with subplots attached to each. Can South Barwon end St Joseph’s winning run on the day that started in 2014? At what stage will Inverleigh co-captain Ryan Garrard and Bannockburn star Jack Brauman cross paths after the Hawk broke the Tiger’s jaw in the 2017 preliminary final? Can Portarlington make it consecutive Anzac Day wins over the Hawks for the first time?


St Joseph’s vs. South Barwon

2009 – South Barwon won by 6 points
2010 – South Barwon won by 61 points
2011 – South Barwon won by 7 points
2012 – South Barwon won by 43 points
2013 – South Barwon won by 38 points
2014 – St Joseph’s won by 11 points
2015 – St Joseph’s won by 77 points
2016 – St Joseph’s won by 32 points
2017 – St Joseph’s won by 100 points
2018 – St Joseph’s won by 71 points

Portarlington vs. Drysdale

2009 – Drysdale won by 47 points
2010 – Drysdale won by 119 points
2011 – Drysdale won by 111 points
2012 – Drysdale won by 69 points (played on April 28)
2013 – Drysdale won by 144 points (played on April 27)
2014 – Drysdale won by 132 points
2015 – Portarlington won by 35 points
2016 – Portarlington won by 4 points
2017 – Drysdale won by 22 points
2018 – Portarlington won by 5 points

Inverleigh vs. Bannockburn

2013 – Bannockburn won by 30 points
2014 – Inverleigh won by 38 points
2016 – Inverleigh by 15 points
2017 – Bannockburn by 1 point


The coaches of the three winning teams will speak to K rock following our broadcast of the AFL Anzac Day clash between Essendon and Collingwood.


10. The number of consecutive wins St Joseph’s has posted over South Barwon starting with the 2014 ANZAC Day clash and including last year’s first semi-final. It’s the only double-figure winning streak in the 60 meetings between the clubs since the merger of Barwon and Belmont in 1990.


South Barwon will welcome back key forward Brett Blair from a one-week suspension for the clash with St Joseph’s. The Joeys have named VFL listed Dan Capiron. However, Curtis McCarthy, who played as Geelong VFL’s 23rd man last week, has gone out of the team that defeated Geelong West before Easter. Drysdale has named off-season recruits Lauchie Dalgleish and Jesse Lothian for its meeting with Portarlington, with reigning best-and-fairest Shane Murdoch (knee) and Harley Pearce going out of the team that was well beaten by Anglesea on Easter Saturday. The Demons welcome back captain Will Foott, but will be without the versatile Michael McNeill. Inverleigh has named both Dan and Mick Grozdanovski in its squad to play Bannockburn. The Tigers will be without midfielder gun Jake Myles.



A big thanks to our Football Manager (and former member of the Australia Defense Force), Jack Stevens- for giving our…

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St Joseph’s vs. South Barwon

St Joseph’s
B: J. Hickey, Z. Morison, B. McNamara
HB: J. Davis, C. Tudor, C. Mitchell
C: R. Ferguson, A. Hickey, B. Rees
HF: M. Dufty, D. Capiron, R. Kershaw
F: J. Allen, L. Anderson, P. Kelleher
R: J. Hovey, B. Haintz, K. Paliouras
I/C: J. Buckley, P. Dreher, L. Featherstone, H. Smith
EMG: S. Alesios, O. Hanneysee, J. Jans

South Barwon
B: L. Herbert, J. Lever, K. O’Neil
HB: J. Anderson, M. Caldow, C. Francis
C: W. Sexton, E. Baker, D. Sliwa
HF: J. Broughton, A. Jarvis, D. McCaskill
F: D. Hansen, A. Boseley, L. Noble
R: L. Davis, R. Dillon, J. Saunders
I/C: J. Driver, J. Hogan, T. Richards, J. Syddall
EMG: B. Blair, D. Madigan, R. Woods

Portarlington vs. Drysdale

B: R. Celano, C. Dunn, L. Farrugia
HB: W. Foott, M. Gorski, I. Holroyd
C: M. Holschier, F. James, T. Kelly
HF: S. Lucas, D. Measures, T. Morgan
F: G. Morton, C. Mulgrew, F. Pavez
R: J. Rapa, J. Sabell, P. Saccuzzo
I/C: J. Trezise, S. Ward, S. Wiffen, B. Williamson
EMG: T. Benham, C. Karalekas, T. McCluskey

B: J. Jenkins, N. Gee, M. Scott
HB: J. Hopgood, S. Wild, C. Lynch
C: M. O’Dowd, M. McGuire, J. Williamson
HF: J. Love, D. Mullen, C. Woodford
F: B. Carmichael, M. Hebbard, J. Preece
R: M. Pigott, L. Dalgleish, J. Eddy
I/C: K. Davis, T. Harper, J. Lothian, B. Ryan
EMG: T. Bonner, N. Malcher, H. Pearce

Inverleigh vs. Bannockburn

B: J. McEwan, J. Fiolet, J. Templeton
HB: J. Baxter, J. DiBlasio, B. Cations
C: L. Perrett, C. Meehan, L. Platt
HF: A. Donohue, J. Crawley, B. Bouwman
F: R. Garrard, M. Elford, N. Walsh
R: J. Huybens, J. Drew, M. Best
I/C: H. Collins, S. Condy, R. Logue, R. Soldic
EMG: D. Grozdanovski, M. Grozdanovski

B: B. Harding, L. Bowdern, T. Parsons
HB: A. Hyslop, M. Steveson, L. Peters
C: C. Hetherington, M. Tyquin, J. Tom
HF: A. Barnett, B. Miller, J. Robinson
F: T. Bath, T. Gillies, B. Jacques
R: K. Fulton, J. Brauman, C. Jervies
I/C: R. Bowdern, N. Kelly, M. Smilovic, H. Spiller
EMG: B. Vicars