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We still have to prove ourselves – Scott

Geelong coach Chris Scott. (krockfootball.com.au Image/Marcel Berens)

GEELONG sits third on the AFL ladder and has won six of its last eight matches, but coach Chris Scott says his team hasn’t yet done enough to prove its among the best in the competition.

However, that may change if the Cats can knock over ladder-leader Port Adelaide in a blockbuster clash at Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast on Friday night.

“We’ve got a level of confidence in the way we’re trying to play,” Scott said. “I think a fair bit of it comes back to execution.

“Most teams in the comp, I think, would have a theoretical model in mind of their game style, and would have a belief that if they play that really well, it’s going to stack up against the best teams.

“And if you don’t think that, you should probably change your game style, unless you’re in a situation where you’re so bereft of quality personnel.

“So, we’ve got a level of confidence the model is good enough, but the execution is much more important.”

Scott said the Cats, who handed St Kilda a 59-point hiding on Monday night in Brisbane, won’t be using the four-day break as an excuse if they can’t get over the top of the Power.

“We’re living in the new normal,” he said. “I thought we were well prepared last week and the week before off four and five-day breaks.

“We’ll go in with no excuses and well prepared within the circumstances.

“The old paradigm was one where if you could get more time, you would take it.

“But I think we’ve shown capacity to have the players read, and even more importantly the players have been in the right mindset and had the strength of will and character to perform irrespective of the perceived obstacles.

“Maybe we are living in a world where was seemingly impossible previously is a bit more possible now.”

Geelong will announce its team on Thursday night, with Esava Ratugolea almost sure to return after being managed out of the wins over North Melbourne and St Kilda.

Sam Simpson, Zach Guthrie and Lachie Fogarty, who sat out the clash with the Saints, are also a chance to take on the Power.

“We had a few that were managed out last week that are well and truly in the frame,” Scott said.

“That was part of the plan; I think that’s quite predictable to have a look at what we’ve done the last few weeks.

“But, as we have done the last few weeks off the short breaks, we’re waiting as long as possible to get all the information we can before we make our decision.

“Even though we’re game minus one (day), we’re still a little way away from confirming those ins and outs.”

Scott did concede Jack Steven despite solid performances against the Roos and Saints, was “50-50” to take on Port Adelaide.

“We’re just trying to work out what the right thing is for him,” Scott said.

“And that does trump what’s best for the team right at the moment because he does, more than most players, have his own unique set of circumstances.

“We had a plan for him that did involve playing him at AFL level before he was absolutely ready, given the circumstances of the season, and we feel vindicated with that decision now.

“In my mind, it strengthens the case to stick to the plan with Jack and not get seduced by what we see short-term, and last week was certainly a good performance from him and worthy of his spot again.

“But his form is secondary to the macro-planning at the moment.”

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