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Cats open to mid-season pick

(Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

GEELONG could be an unlikely participant in the AFL mid-season draft as it weighs up whether to place Cooper Stephens on the long-term injury list.

Stephens underwent ankle surgery last weekend, with the club saying he would be sidelined “for an extended period of time”.

The Cats have until the middle of next week to decide on Stephens, with the draft scheduled for Wednesday.

“Our position on the mid-season draft has always been is that our club will be prepared if a spot does open up,” coach Chris Scott said.

“It’s only become quite a recent development that Cooper could potentially go onto that spot.

“But, we’re taking our time to see how Cooper responds post-surgery.

“It’s a possibility that a spot could open up because we suspect Cooper will be on the longer-term end.

“But, we’re keeping our powder dry, and our options open for at least a few more days. Probably that decision will be made early next week.”

Meanwhile, Geelong has added Darcy Fort and removed Charlie Constable to its emergency list for Saturday’s match-up with Collingwood at the MCG.

The Cats haven’t offered a reason for the change.

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