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‘Home’ season launch a success

Geelong president Colin Carter speaks at last Friday’s season launch. (krockfootball.com.au/Al Packer)

THE decision by Geelong to move their season launch back to GMHBA Stadium has been hailed a success by CEO Brian Cook and provided a $20,000 boost to the Cats’ bottom line.

Around 700 people attended the evening in the President’s Room, well up on the 550 that turned out the previous year at Crown Palladium.

“I thought it was pretty good. The feedback’s been pretty good,” Cook said. “We’re still waiting for some final results coming through from the people who went there.

“But it was a first-ever function we’ve had here of a big nature. We had Fare on the Field, which was a couple of hundred (people).

“This was 700 people and it was good.”

Cook admits there is some areas they will look to improve for future years.

“I had a little bit of concern for people at the bookends and how involved they felt,” he said.

“But what we’re going to do, if we have functions of that size, is spread our leaders throughout the room, not simply in front of the microphone.”

However, fans hoping for a return of ‘Carji’ Greeves Medal night to Geelong will have to wait, even if the city was to get its long-awaited convention centre.

“The ‘Carji’, we normally get somewhere between 1400-1600, so we’ll remain with the ‘Carji’ in Melbourne for now,” Cook said.

“And with a convention centre it may hold no more than 1000 either.

“We need to see what the convention centre holds.”

Meanwhile, less than a month out from the first home game at GMHBA Stadium, over 26,000 season seats have been sold for the return of nine games at the venue.

In all, the ground has around 32,500 seats, but not all can be sold.

“There is room for 1500 standing room and the rest is seating,” Cook said. “At the moment I reckon we’ve sold around 26,000, including the corporates.

“So, we’ve still got a few. But we have to keep some aside for the opposition, and we also 10 per cent of our seating down the city end – about 2000 – which are standing room price.”

Cook is expecting Geelong to average crowds of around 30,000 at the renamed stadium.

“We think we’ll get as high as 33,000, because you always get a ‘no show’ rate, and as low as maybe 24-25,000,” he said.

The Cats have budgeted for 65,000 for the Easter Monday ‘home’ game at the MCG against Hawthorn.

“Hopefully we get a few more because this is a traditionally well-attended match,” he said.

“That would be, I hope, the minimum, given the weather’s alright.”

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