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Costa still “central” to Cats

Frank Costa (middle) with Tom Lonergan and Mathew Stokes at the 2019 Geelong Hall of Fame Function. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

GEELONG coach Chris Scott hopes Frank Costa’s influence on the club will continue despite his recent death.

The 82-year-old former president and current club patron died on Sunday morning after a battle with cancer.

Scott says it’s important players and staff who are are recent additions to the Cats are aware of the impact Costa had.

“It says something, at least, that Frank hasn’t been our president for over ten years, but he’s still so central to everything that we like about the Geelong footy club and the Geelong region as well,” Scott said.

“We’ll do everything we can to make sure that’s understood, and that legacy lives on forever, if possible.

“I’m sure it will in the region, as it relates to the people that knew and had interactions with him.

“But, I think it will extend further than that.”

Scott says it was in his first meeting with Costa that the Geelong icon quickly won the respect of the new coach.

“He had a view, having seen and heard my Mum speak a couple of times, that I was from a good family – he might have been guessing a bit there,” Scott said.

“He said some nice things about my Mum, which endeared me to him straight away.

“And I think, irrespective of what he said, he always had a way of endearing himself to the people he met, even when he was being firm with them.

“It’s a very rare trait to be able to give people bad news and have people come away thinking better of you.”

Scott says the Cats won’t be using Costa’s death as a short-term motivational tool.

“This is much, much bigger than that,” he said.

“This is part of the fabric of our footy club and something that needs to be understood by not only the people that have come before but the people who are going to come into our footy club.

“This has been true for 20-odd years. It’s not just because Frank’s passed that all of a sudden it’s occurred to us.

“We’re custodians of the footy club at the moment, and there will be people that come in subsequent to us that will do things differently – and that’s their right.

“But there are some things that Frank’s put in place that should never change, and I think that’s the part that needs to be understood.”

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