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Conway an AFL chance this year

Geelong draftee Toby Conway. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

GEELONG coach Chris Scott has stopped short of guaranteeing Toby Conway an AFL debut in 2022 but hasn’t ruled the young ruck getting an opportunity at some stage.

The 205cm ruck, who the Cats selected with pick no.24 from the Geelong Falcons, will pull on the Hoops for the first time when he lines up in Sunday’s VFL clash with the Northern Bullants at Preston City Oval.

Conway, a junior from St Mary’s, whose home base is in the Kardinia Park precinct, had been slowed by a hip issue since late in the pre-season.

“He was going really well through the pre-season,” Scott said. “We don’t see any reason why he won’t make strides towards AFL footy.

“Except that we will deliberately hold him back at certain times because we’re more interested in what he’s like in three years’ time than what he’s like in three weeks’ time.”


Fellow draftee Flynn Kroeger will also make his VFL debut after battling a hip complaint.

“Flynn came to us with a little bit of … I wouldn’t say an issue with his body,” Scott said.

“But, as we do with all the young players, we like to spend a little bit of extra time getting them resilient before we expose them to the rigours of consistent footy.

“And it’s logical, I think. Guys like Flynn, they’ve never played against men. I could be wrong there, (but), for the most part, draftees play against players their own age.

“To throw them into the heat of footy against well-developed men is a big jump.”

Scott has liked what he’s seen so far from the Eastern Ranges product.

“We’ve taken our time with Flynn, but he’s shown us a bit through his training to get us excited,” Scott said.

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