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Clark capitalises on shutdown

Geelong young gun Jordan Clark. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

WHILE some of us in isolation might be hitting the pantry more than we should be during the COVID-19 pandemic, Geelong young gun Jordan Clark is using this unique situation to improve one issue.

“I’ve always had a problem with my skinfolds blowing out, so I’ve made a conscious effort to be strict on what I eat and my exercise – just keeping in the best shape,” the 19-year-old said.

“Also getting the k’s in the legs. Making sure you’re doing the minimum that the club asks you to do. That’s a big one for me.

“Where I can, I get out of the house and walk the dog or go for a run with my brothers.

“I’m always trying to keep busy and get the k’s in the legs.”

The West Australian, who played 18 games after being taken with Geelong’s first pick in the 2018 National Draft, wasted no time returning home when the shutdown of the AFL season was announced.

He beat the border closure and avoided having to spend two weeks in self-isolation

“It was like getting drafted again,” Clark said. You get told what’s happening, and then you’re on a plane in a couple of hours or the next morning.

“I was straight on a plane and back home for God knows how long; I still have no idea.

“There are all of these guidelines you have to follow, but over here there’s a little bit more freedom.

“WA seems to be in a better situation than most of the other states, or on par with some of the other states who are going really well.

“Apart from the situation we’re in, you’ve still got to follow all the guidelines. But, I’m able to get out-and-about and do my daily workouts and do the exercises that I’m given. “\


The idea of an extended pre-season may not be every AFL players’ cup of tea, but Clark says he will benefit having made a delayed start following elbow surgery at the end of last season.

“Any time I get to get better and get in better shape and work on my diet and that sort of stuff, I’ll jump at it,” he said.

“For a bad situation to be in, you’ve got to take the positives out of it as well.

“I’m just trying to get myself in the best shape possible for when games start-up as well.”

As well as taking the chance to spend quality time with his family, Clark is working out alongside a bunch of fellow Sandgropers who have also returned home during the shutdown.

Down at one of the ovals where the boys do a lot of running, it’s a pretty popular spot for WA boys on AFL lists to do their training,” he said.

“Mainly boys around my age like Jeremy Sharp, Mitch Georgiades, Will Powell, who I have a pretty good friendship with from playing in the under-18 (National) Championships.

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