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A chance to improve: Miers

Geelong’s Gryan Miers in action against North Melbourne last year. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

GRYAN Miers isn’t letting the shutdown of the AFL season go to waste.

The talented Geelong small forward knows there is little he can do to change the current situation, but he can control his attitude towards the situation.

Miers, who turned 21 on Tuesday, is using the layoff as a further opportunity to improve the running capacity that served him so well in 2019.

“Right now (if the season was still running), I wouldn’t get the chance to work on my sprint work, and get stronger and fitter,” he said.

“I can use it as a positive and come back in better shape and be a better player than what I would have been if I’d played now.

“I can’t wait for this opportunity.”

Miers, who shares a house with a few mates and injured Irish rookie Stefan Okunbor, has quickly adapted his home to provide what needs to remain in shape.

“We’ve set-up the garage and cleaned that out and made it a little home gym,” he said.

“We’ve got the backyard all cleaned so we can have a kick and do some skills together.

“And I’ve been going out and running by myself and working on stuff that you don’t get to at this time of year.

“I’m trying to use it as a time to improve rather than decline or stay the same.”

Miers says Okunbor, who ruptured his Achilles tendon in January, is tracking well in his recovery.

“He seems well ahead of schedule; I don’t have the latest doctor update with it all, but he’s really good mentally, and he’s looking really good physically,” Miers said.

“With what he’s been doing, and the flexibility he has around the ankle compared to what other people would be at that stage, he seems well ahead.”

With restrictions around social gatherings, Miers was limited in who he could see and what he could do to mark receiving the key to the door earlier in the week.

“I’m blessed to have four roommates here, so we were still able to have a little gathering in the backyard,” he said.

“We put a fire up and had a few quiet drinks to go with it.

“It was really nice to spend it with those guys and have some good stories to tell; a bit of fun.

“I had to call the parents – I didn’t get to see them. I’ll catch up with them after this is all over.”

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