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Cats content to wait

Geelong list manager Stephen Wells. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

GEELONG list guru Stephen Wells says not being part of the first round of this year’s AFL National Draft will give the Cats “a bit of an advantage” when it comes to their turn in the second round.

The first round, which is likely to see up to 22 selections made, will be held on Wednesday night.

Geelong, which isn’t due to enter the draft until pick 22, but is likely to be at least two positions later, will get its opportunity on Thursday night.

“We’ll have all day Thursday to review our strategies and the players that are likely to be available for us, and whether there’ll be a change to any of our selections or not because of trading,” Wells said.

“All the scenarios will have been well and truly worked through by the time it comes around to having our pick, and we’ll be doing a bit of a mix and match amongst the type of players that we choose.”

As well as pick 22, Geelong also has selections 30, 32, 34 and 50 in the National Draft and could use two selections in Friday’s Rookie Draft.

However, the Cats have been linked to the pick 23 held by the Western Bulldogs.

Wells didn’t confirm that’s where Geelong would find themselves but did touch on the trading of picks making the draft night more challenging.

“What we might have, in the past, anticipated being straightforward with our selections can change a lot because the clubs that have got the picks before us during the draft might not still have those picks on the night,” he said.

“So, we have to be right on our toes with all of that.”

With seven selections across the draft period, Wells said Geelong would have the ability to select a range of different types of players.

“We’ve already brought in Tyson Stengle as a small forward, and Oisin Mullun from Ireland is going to join us,” he said.

“Already having two smaller, running players is something we’ve been able to tick off.

“But, there will be a mix, I reckon. We just need to keep trying to improve our young talent.”

Among the young talent that could find its way to GMHBA Stadium is Geelong Falcons duo Mitch Knevitt and Toby Conway.

Various draft boards have linked both to the Cats, and the club hasn’t shied away from picking local talent since the TAC Cup (now NAB League) started in 1992.

“The Geelong area’s a great footy area, and there are a couple of players, if they’re still there when it comes to our pick, we’ll certainly give them serious consideration,” Wells said.

“It will just depend on what else is in the draft at that time and how the rest of the draft is looking.”

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